A Valentine Wish

As we meet here once again to pray for strength and peace let us remember it is Valentines Day.

A time to share our love and wishes for our loved ones to forever keep.

Let us not forget our friends today with a special word or touch of love, for they will always be only a call away when the clouds of life darken and the sky turns shades of gray.

We should not forget our parents whom without we would not be.  So make the time to dial the phone to remind them that you love them and you wish their hearts to be at peace and free.

Of course our children fill a special place in every parents heart, let us not forget to tell them now just how much we truly care; for the day will come when they will leave or God will call us home with him our family now torn apart.

Now we have shared our special feeling with family and friends.  We can’t forget that special man or woman with whom we feel life begins and ends.  Share a kiss, share a hug, and don’t forget to say “I love you” each and every day.

I send a heartfelt valentine hug to each and every one of you today.  Please forgive me if I’m struggling to get through each challenging day, because I never want you to forget you are my inspiration to win this battle and I love you all in a very special way.

Last but not least we thank you God for showing us the way and we never will forget that “thanks to you we’re here today”.

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