The First Recurrence
of Breast Cancer


In July of 2000 I had another recurrence of the breast cancer and had a second mastectomy done.  This was devastating and at this time I decided that I had to make some difficult decisions in my life to make changes that would allow me to make some time for me to recover and heal emotionally and physically.  I decided to resign from my 15-year job in human resources at the bank.  It was one of the most difficult decisions I had to make, but my doctors all agreed that the stress was not going to help in my recovery at all.  It was an emotional time and everyone was so wonderful and they gave me a big going away party and bought me some wonderful gifts to remember them by.  We still keep in contact on the Internet and I love to hear from them.  They have been the best friends for support all these years.  God, I know how blessed I really am that I have so many wonderful people in my life.  Over 4 years of watching other patients in the oncology offices come and go and be treated and released and even watching those who were losing their battles also, I have seen so many people who have had to face all this pain and fear alone, or with minimal support from those not related to the health care field.  It is the most upsetting thing for me to see.  Why I have so many and they have so few.  Nothing is fair with this disease and that is the only constant that I have found to be true.  I would share my good fortune with everyone if I could.  The best I can do is hope that one day someone who is facing this disease now will learn a life full of lessons from my experience and not waste one more meaningful moment of their own on “wasted moments”.  If I could leave one lasting memory of Diane when I leave this life on earth, it would be that it is never too late to turn your life around and appreciate every single day for the day that it is and find just one good thing about that day that will be your one final memory of that day if you should not be blessed enough to wake up to the sun shining in your eyes tomorrow.  Don’t look forward to what might be, be happy for what is right this very moment.


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