Written by Diane's sons Richie David and Peter Scott Lasch








What do I think about when I think of angels?  I think of the way they steer us away from danger.  I think of the way they give us strength to do right over wrong.  I think of the support they provide to help us through each day.  I think of the love they bestow upon us.  I think of a beautiful being that guides us through life.  I think of Diane DeTar, forever my mother and my angel.

Who was Diane DeTar?  She was a daughter that assumed all of her parent's best qualities.  She was a sister whose heart was always there even when words were absent.  She was a devoted wife who gave her all.  She was a mother who provided unconditional love to her children.  She was a friend that could brighten the day with a kind word or loving smile.  She was a beautiful lady that made this world a better place.

I think back on all the things I've seen her do for others and all the things she did for me and I wonder how one person can be so selfless, caring, and full of love.  She would give even when she couldn't afford to give.  She would attend to the needs of others before attending to her own needs.  She would provide encouragement to us all when she could have used some herself.  She would worry about every one of us and not want us to worry for her.

Although she always displayed tremendous strength, courage, and dignity, it wasn't until she got sick that I realized how strong, courageous, and dignified she really was.  She had the unbelievable strength to fight an uncontrollable disease.  She had the courage of a warrior to face her inevitable outcome.  She had the inner power to live and die with dignity.

As she settles into her final resting place we need not worry.  As her mother said, "her body finally caught up with her spirit and she's at peace."  She leaves us knowing she has done her best to prepare us for what's to come.  We will do everything in our power to carry-on with the same strength, courage, and dignity she displayed.

Mom, I know you will watch over all of us and be with us through thick and thin.  Thank you for bringing me into this world and being such a wonderful part of so many people's lives.  You will be missed dearly, but never forgotten.  Forever our hearts and love will be with you.  We don't say goodbye, we say see you later.

"Diane's Angel Plaque" is a composite of Diane's photographs framed in a marble plaque.  Please click HERE to view the plaque.  Use your browser's [back] button to return here.


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