The Important Things in Life
and a Son's Visit


I am trying very hard not to focus on the treatments and the medications and the side effects that follow everything on a daily basis.  It would just be too overwhelming to have your mind focused on the downside of every day with no upside to balance that out.  I chose to focus on the little things like the ray of sun that filtered through my window this morning and rested right on the end on my toes in the bed by the window.  I chose to focus on the fact that I managed to eat a cup of soup today and keep it down.  On the birds singing outside my window just to cheer me up today.  On the voice of a loved one who just called to see how I was and if I needed anything.  On the touch of my husbands hand to mine to remind me that he loves me no matter what and will forever love me in that very special place only he and I share in each of our hearts.  These are the important things in my life now.  These should have always been the most important things in my life, but I learned this much later than I would have liked to. 

My son came home last night from California to see me.  Apparently he has been planning this for two weeks, but the doctors told my family not to let me know because they worried I would try to take on too much cleaning and cooking responsibilities, as I always have and make myself sicker.  It was a wonderful surprise to see him walk through the door.  Pete is in the Air Force and just was reassigned to Los Angeles Air Force Base about 2 months ago.  The timing was bad, but it never could be good.  I knew he would do his best to get home to spend some time with me as soon as he could work out something with his new job, but I didnít expect to see him this soon.  I am grateful that he was able to come home before I was not able to enjoy our time.  Our time will be filled with special moments to build memories and with stressful moments that need to be dealt with in order to keep him informed on what my plans and wishes are for the future.  Pete is a special young man and his wife is a special young woman and they hold a very special place in my heart always.  I plan to do all that I can to make our time good and not be too sick to put anymore stress on our time together than needs to be.


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