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Christina, age: 29, New Jersey
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I am 29 years old and lost my mother to breast cancer a year and a half ago.

Diane's story reminded me so much of my mother. Every night I read from my mom's journals, there are things in there that just make me so proud of her. She fought for 5 years against this disease. I watched her go from a healthy woman to a bed ridden individual. She left behind a husband, 5 grandchildren, 3 sons and myself, her only daughter.

I miss her so much but I know she will never be forgotten. Through our pictures of her, the memories she left behind for us and her hand written journals. My younger brother is next to receive her journals, they contain a message for each one of us telling us to be strong and live our lives as we always have. I would recommend to anyone who is ill to keep a journal of the positive things in your life. We will always remember the pain, loss and heartache but we can always open the journals and know that she wasn't afraid and was still just as strong as we always knew her to be and just feel the love that comes from these books! There are 5 years worth of books that I am so glad that she wrote them!!!!!!

I love and miss her very much, but I keep her alive in myself and my children!!!!!

Thank you so much for having a place were people can express themselves. A lot of people don't understand that cancer not only effects just the sick person but everyone who loves them!!!

You are "FOREVER IN MY HEART" mother.

Christina's e-mail:  CHHORNER@COMCAST.NET

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