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Diane graduated in 1980 from Mukwonago High School in WI.

Diane enjoyed taking care of others and spent many years working in different homes and facilities as an Certified Nursing Assistant, along with other career choices.

Diane enjoyed all things to do with the water, networking on the computer, photography, singing and telling others about her faith in Jesus as her Savior.











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Karen P. , Age 40-49, Florida
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My Sister Diane's Battle with Stage 4 Lung Cancer
I miss her very much; she will always be in my heart.

What follows are the previous writings from our beautiful sister Diane who lost her battle with cancer on 6/26/2010 at the age of 47. She left this world in the arms of the love of her life, Elmer Moesch in her home in Weirsdale, Florida.

Recently I have been diagnosed with Stage 4 Lung Cancer. It started in my lungs and moved to my bones, lymph nodes and Liver. I went into the Doctor for a simple cough before dental work in Feb of 2010. I wanted to make sure that I did not have an underlying condition that would hinder my dental recovery. We did a chest x-ray and got the all clear. Did my dental work and in April went back to the doctor and complained that I still had that cough and was feeling like I was a bit short of breath. Doctor gave me a 7 day antibiotic and an inhaler. Said there were a lot of allergies with the heavy pollen this year. Never have I had allergies, but thought, Ok, I am getting older and I was outside planting a bunch of orange trees and pine trees. Pulled a muscle in my left rib area and with coughing so hard, I was in some pain. Seven days later I cannot lie down to sleep. I am sitting up in bed to sleep. Went back to the Doctors again ... He gave me a 7 day pack and sent me on my way ... four days into that I called his office and requested that he please set me up for a CT scan and I did not feel well at all.

The next day I was at the ER because my back and chest hurt me so badly, I really thought I was going to have a heart attack. After a long 3 hour wait in the ER room I decided to just go to the doctor’s office a block away and walk in there. He did an EKG to rule out heart .... of course he must have thought I was crazy ... wanted to order me some Valium ... NOT in my head doc - really. So they had the CT scan approved and said to go and get it done. So on Monday I went for the CT scan and they said that if it was an emergency they would call right away or if not they would call within 48 hours. Well, by the time I got home they called and left a message to call in the morning ... hmmm what is this about I thought? Well, the next day they call and tell me that they had seen some sort of nodule on the right lung and that they have scheduled me for a pet scan to be done the next day. OK ... a nodule can be anything like fatty tissue or what not.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010 at 4:22pm. Ok, today and saw two doctors, the oncologist and the pulmonary doctor. They said I have Squalors non small cell lung cancer. Not the answer I was praying for and didn’t really want to lose my hair. Didn’t want to feel sick and didn’t want to do this. BUT ... 100% chance we will all die ... if I do Chemo, I have a 40-50% chance that it will go into remission. I have a lot of fear about this chemo stuff and am contemplating maybe not doing this. What do you think you would do?

Friday, May 28, 2010 at 8:05am Hubby came into the living room at 3 am this morning to see if I was ok. He woke me up, not meaning to I am sure. I painfully walked into the bedroom to fall asleep next to him and was awaken at 5 am from the snoring. I couldn’t fall back a sleep as my Back was in so much pain. All we did yesterday was go to the ups store and to a friend’s house to float in the pool and hit the hot tub at home. Must have pulled a muscle in my back.

Doctors appointment this morning for when chemo starts. Hmmmm, praying the chemo makes me feel better. Saturday, June 5, 2010 at 9:16pm, made it though the 3rd day after Chemo. Today on Video I chopped my braids off my head. They were really irritating my head, and I certainly couldn’t take them out, it needed to come off anyhow. Sooner or later I am going to be going bald. I am feeling kind of well ... for having Chemo ... or at least it hasn’t hit me like I thought it would or what people were saying I would go through. Thank the Lord for that. :) I have noticed that my Left ribs are sorer today than in the last couple of days, but tolerable. Nothing more than all that arthritis pain. I love you all and again thank you all for your support with prayer and benefit that you are running. I am so looking forward to coming home for Rissa’s wedding and the benefit to see my family and spend a few days with my children and grandchildren ... Ayla and Ashton. Thanks for making this all happen for me and Elmer! Without you all we would not be able to afford to come home for a couple weeks, God Bless you all! Stand Close to Jesus! With God All things are possible!

Monday, June 7, 2010 at 3:41pm. Last night was one of the worst nights ever. Just what you wanted to hear, vomiting most of the night. I hate that ... I really don’t do vomit and the nausea pill just wouldn’t stay down. No warning either ... went out for a ride this morning with the girls and then came home. Karen rubbed my back down and I fell asleep and they went out bumming again. :) I am so thankful that two of my sister’s are here with me. Encouragement for the day: Psalm 73: 26 - My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010 at 5:23pm. Went out to Doctor’s today. All seems to be going as planned. Everything falls within the right category??? Whatever that means. I wanted the Doc to humor me and test me for that POTT’s Disease, but he wouldn't do it. In fact, Lizzie, he wants to talk to your Doctor Niece. LOL … really that is what he said. So Call and I will get you his number. :) I guess I’ll keep dealing with everything thing that is going on now. On June 22, I do the second round of Chemo. Oh Boy ... I really hate feeling sick. OK then ... For today ... LOVE THE LORD WITH ALL YOUR HEART! :) Love you all - Diane

June 13, 2010, well in all honesty???? I have been in the hospital all weekend. I came in with double vision and they did a CT scan and found that I have some sort of lesion on my brain, so today they did an MRI and tomorrow I am expecting those results. IF it is a tumor I will have to start 10 days straight of radiation ... with the 22nd the second half of ... See More chemo. So, this weekend has been a challenge and I feel like I and my family are continually being tested, but I am keeping the faith that GOD knows what he has in store for me and that this too shall pass. LOL you glad you asked LOL Love you Rita Klauser!!!! Thank God for Family and Friends that cares to know! :) I love you all! Diane

Tuesday, June 15, 2010 at 4:51am up at 3 am ... could not fall back asleep. Waiting on Neurologist to come in this morning and find out what course of action to take on this newly developed small pea size pit in the brain. Have a very busy week coming up. Joyce will be returning home to Wisconsin by Friday. Her wonderful Granddaughters will be here this week to take her home. Of Course my heart aches knowing that I will be without her too and that she is going to be far away from me. Elmer and I have cared for her for 9 years out of our 10 years of marriage; life will not be the same. Everything is moving so quickly, I just wish it would slow down a bit. My Son David is flying in on Wednesday to Wednesday and then flying to Scotland on Thursday ... boy that kiddo is going to be one tired young man, He better have a blast in Scotland or else ... I will have to kick his butt when I come home to Wisconsin. My Son Dean is coming to visit Thursday thru Sunday if he can get some money up from his Daddy. That would be really nice of him ... Maybe he will give him a bit extra so that the boys and I could go and do something FUN in the mid of Radiation and Visitation. My sister’s Karen and Debbie are still here plugging away at trying to catch me up on things around the house. They have been a great blessing in helping me with Joyce and the animals. They worked really hard on getting the pool up and running. Thank God for that since it has been 104 or higher these last couple days. Elmer has been hanging here at the hospital with me ... bored, bored, bored ... but he says it's better than work ... since he is having a difficult time selling cars at this time. Kind of hard when he can’t get that smile on his face. I know ... It is not ER!

See ... I Love you all and have a great day, I will keep you updated.

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