Make a Difference in Someoneís Life

If we strive to share a bit of kindness every day, and care for those who suffer pain and strife Ė if we listen patiently and try to understand, we can make a difference in someoneís life.

If we share our laughter and our smiles with everyone and help each other feel a sense of worth, God will bless our lives and though we pass this way but once, we can make a difference here on earth.

If we try to concentrate on all the positive moments that touch our everyday lives Ė we will radiate a positive aura to those around us and open the window of optimism for a new tomorrow and make a difference in someone elseís life.

If we donít let anyone hold our own happiness in their hands Ė we can take responsibility for giving and receiving of all the happiness we accept into our lives.  Now take an ounce of this happiness and give it back to someone struggling to keep their head above lifeís waters and you will make a difference in someone elseís life.

Donít lose sight of whatís important-
Donít lose hope when life gets tough-
Donít give up on your dreams for the future-
Donít sell yourself short in life-
Donít forget how to laugh-
Donít be too proud to cry-
Donít be hateful or hurtful-
Donít forget to say, ďthank youĒ and ďI love youĒ each and every day-
Donít expect there will always be a tomorrow-
Donít forget to smell the roses-
Donít forget that one small kindness pays you back two fold-

Donít forget that each and every one of you is special in your own unique and individual way Ė but most of all Remember each day as we join hands that God shines down upon you and neither he nor I will ever forget how you have each made such a tremendous difference in ďmy lifeĒ.

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