ABC’s of Life


A although it isnít a perfect world
B blessings surround us everywhere
C clouds may linger to darken the day
D donít relinquish hope to hate and despair
E even when skies appear the darkest
F faith can bring us back to see the light
G god is ever present offering his strength and guidance
H holding our hopes and dreams just within our sight
I if you feel you will succumb to the weight of your pain and despair
J join hands with those around you and you will feel his presence there
K keep ever mindful of all the blessings he has bestowed upon you
L love thy neighbor and do unto others as you would have them do unto you
M make ever moment special enough to last a lifetime
N never waste what you have been given for waste would be a crime

over the rainbow he awaits our final passing

P planning our entrance into eternal life a production in casting
Q quit looking to the future to fulfill your childhood dreams
R reach out to grasp for what today holds not asking what it all means
S stop and smell the roses along the path of life each day
T travel not the roads of temptation or greed, for the road to God is not that way
U undoing our mistakes of yesterday seems unimportant within the scheme of things
V victory could be just around the corner awaiting our arrival with balloons and flowers
W we must learn to keep our expectations realistic and everything else is bonus fanfare 
X xalting God most high drawing his strength and endless compassion
Y yet sharing his many blessings in a grateful and humble fashion
Z zion waits in glory for those who have traveled to the end of lifeís road.


The ABC’s of life are not a key to heavens gates.

They are merely stepping stones to crossing over to eternal life where God awaits.

If he is watching us at this moment, he bears witness to the most powerful force on this earth.

The power of love and compassion for another human being, it would be impossible to say what that is worth.

He will remember every morning when you joined hands to offer your prayers and wishes for more time to find a miracle for me.

I know that your unconditional love and understanding will certainly lead to the magical location of the heavenly gates key.

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