Circle of Prayer

Lord I stand here once again this morning with my friends and co-workers to ask for your strong hand of faith to join with ours so that I can once again find physical and emotional strength to fight for a little more time with my family and friends, I ask your help to find the strength to hold me up when it would be easier to give up and to let me go when the fight is over.

I want to say to everyone joined in this circle and everyone outside our circle who prays for me to win this battle once again, that I struggle to find the words to express my heartfelt gratitude for all your support and inspiration in a time when everyone’s lives are filled with an overabundance of stress and demands on their time; in a time when pain and violence are a common part of every day life.

You see here before you that there are still good and caring people taking a moment out of their hectic lives to offer their help to a friend in crisis.  I ask today that you touch each one of their lives with your loving hand and protect them from ever having to be the focus of such a prayer circle.  If ever they should need your helping hand, please remember that they are some of your best examples of the kind of human being you can be proud to say you created.  Be sure that they know that you will be by their side when the challenges of life weigh heavily on their souls. 

If you should give me yet another chance to see my children find success and happiness in their lives, to watch my grandson grow into a man, to be able to see my future grandchildren come into this world and to share a little more time with my wonderful husband, I promise you and everyone here that I will not waste that time frivolously or with meaningless moments.  I promise my friends that should they ever need my support one day, that I will be the first one to form a circle of prayer to give them strength to face their challenge.  Whatever the outcome of this journey holds for me I have been truly blessed to have had such wonderful people in my life.  Thank you for hearing our prayers once again and God bless us all.

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