Good-Bye To a Loving Friend


Our meeting wasn’t an earth shattering spectacular moment oh so many years ago.  We both happened to be starting a new job and starting a new chapter in our lives that day we first met and it truly was a “friendship at first sight” for both of us.  We had both recently survived difficult divorces and were struggling to move forward with out lives and trying to be a rock of support to our children, who through no fault of their own, had now become victims of the challenging times we were living in.  It seemed that immediately Diane and I were able to feel when the other was in physical or emotional pain and we would turn on those emergency buttons and never allow our day to end with tears.  Diane had the most contagious laughter of anyone I’ve ever known.  If she was not able to bring the laughter out of you, you had to be already dead inside.  She had the ability to take the bleakest moment, turn it inside out and backwards and then present that same scenario back to you in a way that you just had to laugh at it.  It just wasn’t as tragic as it once felt anymore.  She was the most loving and nurturing mother I have ever known and to see her with her children and grandchildren today, you feel nothing but love and pride standing in the middle of this room full of amazing family members.  She did something right.  Diane and I were both strong and dedicated women.  No battle was ever lost or over until it was truly over.  Together we were going to pick up the pieces of our lives and we were going to continue to move forward, not backwards, no matter how poor the odds looked.  Most days just a hug and a smile and “love ya di” were all that was necessary to never give up on any day.  We have seen each other grow and mature into two very individually special people while never losing sight of all the tears and laughter that brought us here.  We shared divorce, death, children, remarriage, stepchildren, grandchildren and more death.  Through all of this each of us always knew the other would be there to share a tear, a smile or just a voice on the telephone that would say, “I’m here for you di” whenever, wherever and our love has no boundaries.  Our love for each other is forever and eternal circle with no beginning and no end and is as far reaching as it has to be to encompass our hearts together in equal admiration and love no matter where we may be.  God has decided now that the two “di’s” will have to endure the ultimate sacrifice of friendship.  One of us will walk our final steps down the road of this life and begin our eternal walk with the angels far above where the naked eye cannot see.  The other “di” must remain in this life and finish her life’s story out until God comes for her to make that final walk.  I know that a part of my best friend will be walking beside me, holding my hand in her heart as I make my final walk.  Diane knows that she can count on me to be back here walking along side of her, holding her soul in my hand as she makes her final walk.  My wish for you, Diane, is that you will find happiness in every single moment of every single day of your life and that you will always know that you only have to look around you to see how blessed you really are.  Remember me when you feel a gentle breeze on your face that seems to have a tender comforting feeling on your skin, because it may be me trying to let you know that I have never really left you and I am forever here for you.

With all my love and cherished memories I say good-bye to you now until we meet again one day in that special place deep in the fluffy white clouds in the vast blue sky.

Diane DeTar

Your friend forever

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