A Survivorís Gift

Survivors live each day to the best of their ability because today is all that any of us can be sure we have.

We choose to believe that our cup is half full, not half empty.

We believe there is no such thing as false hope, all we have is hope.

We appear to have an abundance of hope because we have moved past the hopelessness and the lowest time in our lives and we are determined to fight until the fight is over.

We donít let anyone tell us there is no hope, because if you believe in a higher power, you believe in miracles and there is always hope that the next miracle will be ours.

We believe our bodies are just an avenue to give and receive love which is the breath of life.

When we feel that it is just too hard and the light at the end of the tunnel is too far away to see, we pick ourselves up by the bootstraps and put one foot in front of the other and face first the minute, then the hour and before we know it we have conquered the day and renew our hope for a better tomorrow.

We accept that death is not a failure if we never succumb to the hopelessness and self-pity that are always lurking in the shadows of our lives and we never give up the fight for the right to live until we die.

We believe our mind and body is one unit and if our mind sends negative messages to our body it will soon die; if we send positive messages to our body it will fight to survive.

We accept that we cannot win our fight alone and that we must learn to allow those around us to enter into our minds and hearts to help us to continue to believe that we can win this battle.

When we are told the statistics of our survival rates for living with a terminal illness are less than favorable to allow us the time we would like with our husbands, wives, children, grandchildren, parents and friends; we choose to look at those figures in a more positive light.  For example the statistics show that 20% of patients with the same illness can live an estimated 5 years and 80% will succumb to the illness in 1-5 years.  We choose to believe that we have every hope that we can be in that 20% and that will be our goal.

We have a more heightened awareness that tomorrow may never come and if we donít say our ďI love youísĒ today we may never have that opportunity again. 

We have found the beauty in a cloudy sky just because we are here to see it today.

If you pass a stranger one-day and his or her head is held high and is just radiating self-confidence and determination; you can just see in their eyes that they are on a mission.  There is a good chance that you were just touched by a survivor.

We hope that our fight will bring something positive to those who have always been there for us not allowing us to falter when things got tough; something that will give our time in this world some meaning.

What I want to give to all of you who join with me every day is the knowledge that, by giving me moral and spiritual support while I try to find my way to the other side of this dark tunnel in my life, you now have shared the lessons I have learned as I faced my own mortality and that by knowing these things you will not waste even one minute of your lives from this moment on.

God bless you all!!

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