God Grant Us

God grant us the compassion to forgive and forget.  Please give us the heart to offer our hand to those who have not won our hearts yet.

God grant us the gift of vision into others souls.  Then give us the hindsight to open our hearts to the starving and suffering and abandoned in the cold.

God grant us the time to stop and smell the roses before the flowers drop from sight and all we see are thorns.  Give us the appreciation to know how miraculous they really are, as much a miracle as a bull born into the world without his horns.

God grant us determination we need to achieve our goals each and every day.  When we must dig deep for the spirit to succeed, stand beside us and guide us until we find our way.

God grant us the power to make good decisions in our lives.  Give us the ability to admit when we are wrong and not allow it to add stress and strife.

God grant us the wisdom to lead the blind to see the beauty that surrounds them when they become desperate for a reason to go on.  Give us the strength to break them away from our protective hand and find their own way in this world and feel the self-satisfaction when they know they have fought and won.

God grant us the inner strength to walk the roads that we must travel down throughout our life. Give us the strength to not let pain and suffering cut through us like a knife.

God grant us good judgment to know when to keep on fighting and to know when to prepare to let go.  Give us the knowledge to base that decision using the facts that we know.

God grant us peace and understanding even when at us the stones will be thrown.  Give us the morals to obey the Ten Commandments in spite of the enormity of how the enormity of hate has grown.

God grant us appreciation for the blessings in our lives.  Donít let us fall to self-pity for there is always someone whose battles wonít be won in this life.

God grant us time to say I love you and thank you for blessing me by touching me in a special way.  Donít put off until tomorrow for you really only have today.

God grant you all your special wishes and make your dreams come true.  God be beside you always protecting and inspiring you. This I ask for you Ö

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