In an Ideal World

In an ideal world there would be no pain and suffering for anyone to bear.  There would be only good health and happiness surrounding us everywhere.

In an ideal world there would be no war.  The foreign peace summits would be needed no more. The Bin Ladin’s and Hussain’s of the word would be overthrown and disappear from this life.  There would be no terrorist’s fears any longer; all men would be free to wander.

In an ideal world there would be no hate for our fellow man.  We would accept all our differences and reach out with compassion and love through the power in the touch of our hands.

In an ideal world there would be no hatred or killing our fellow man.  We would all love and respect each other, oh life would be grand.

In an ideal world money would grow on trees.  We would walk out our door and from our debts would be free.

In an ideal world we would all be “a” students and be born with the knowledge we need to succeed.  Homework, I don’t think so; exams would all be stress free.

In an ideal world the workweek would be 3 days to be followed by leisure and entertainment for 4.  Deadlines not a worry, month-end maybe one report, job related stress would exist no more.

In an ideal world every day would be filled with sunshine and the aroma of a fine wine.  No more cooking for the family, honey we have reservations to dine.

In an ideal world the flowers would bloom all year through.  The leaves on the trees would always sparkle with dew.

In an ideal world a loaf of bread is a dime.  We could still get three pieces of bubble gum for a penny just like the old times.

In an ideal world we would prosper and all our dreams would come true.  No more struggling for ends to meet or rearranging the bills according to when they are due.

In an ideal world disease and despair would be a thing of the past.  We would have a cure for every disease that would strike us down and chronic suffering would not last.

There is no ideal world we can escape to in the grasp of our pain or suffering or the pressures in our everyday lives.  We must meet our challenges head on relying on our faith and determination to overcome what might defeat us otherwise.

We can lean on each other when the battle might be lost.  We won’t buckle under to these evils, not at any cost.

I lean on you today for the strength and reassurance that I might have the time to be here for you tomorrow.  I take your power of faith and your belief in the possibility of miracles and I hold this deep in my soul.  All of this I only borrow.

Even if I will never defeat this killer within, I will never be too sick or too tired to be there for you.  Every day that God grants me the gift of my life; I thank him for the privilege of existence and ask him to give these gifts back to you.

In an ideal world we should all be grateful for the God given gift of life and realize this is not our “right”.  Let us all appreciate that we have each other to lean on when the stress of reality overshadows our might.  May peace and contentment open our hearts with delight.

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