Let Spring Bring Hope

With the arrival of spring we look forward to brighter skies, blooming flowers and the feel of a lush carpet of green grass under our feet.  It brings us new hope that one day those of us searching for the light at the end of our tunnel will see the light shine through claiming our victory over our burdens.

Somehow the battle feels less overwhelming when the warmth of the sun shines through.  Itís as though God is telling us he is here to help us find the courage to keep our spirits as light and glowing as the early morning dew.

Iíd like to believe that like a tulip bulb creates its miracle and year after year rises up to meet the springs renewing rays of sun.  That together we can create a magical miracle and this battle will be won.

It is said that God doesnít give us more burden than we can bear.  When we feel we may not be able to meet his expectations and the burden weakens our spirit to a place not far from despair, he will lift us up and carry us letting us know that he has always been there.

With spring in the air we can see the glorious miracles of God everywhere.  He is in the tiny buds on our trees, in the delicate flowers as they bloom, in the sparkle of the dew on a blade of grass, in the radiant sunrise and sunset, in the brilliant colors that surround us and in the fresh crisp air we breath.  Oh so many ways he is showing us just how much he truly cares.

We seldom take the time to enjoy these amazing wonders when life places such demands on our time.  Until tragedy befalls our doorstep do we awaken and realize how swiftly this could all be taken away.  We postpone taking that moment to smell the roses or appreciate the beauty of awakening to a single ray of sunshine.

I hope that my life challenges will open your eyes now to see how magical and beautiful your everyday lives should be.  When your lives become stress filled and burdens weigh heavy on your mind, take a good look around you and see all the blessings and beauty that surround you and the good fortune to have all these friends of a very special kind.

I canít carry your burdens for you, nor can I make your dreams come true.  All I can do is say I thank you for all the ways youíve supported me, and if you ever need me to help you lift your burdens or help you make a dream come true, without hesitation be assured that I will be there for you.

I give you my wish for a springtime of happiness and good health and hope that you will turn and look carefully around you and appreciate your wealth.

May God be with us all today and everyday.

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