We Meet Again Today

We meet here again today to join our hands to inspire and pray. 

You each take turns to read a poem, thought or passage that will comfort and inspire in a friends time of need.  A moment given without selfishness or greed. 

We may not all worship our higher power in the same way, but we manage to draw upon our different faiths with a common love and compassion to help a friend find strength to fight for the right to live to see another day.

I hope I never forget to thank you for all the support youíve given me.  Without your inspiration my trip through this dark and lonely tunnel would be so overwhelming with no end for me to see.

You keep my focus on believing that the light at the end of the tunnel might be just one more day away, and that miracles do happen and mine could be on its way.

How does one say ďthank youĒ for giving you something that you canít hear, see or feel?  Its life force radiates a power in your heart and soul that is comforting and real.

Donít think I donít notice that some days you have to make the time to pray with me.  I notice and Iím grateful for that few moments shared with me that keeps the light in my heart shining helping me to see.

Let us not forget that when we meet here each day to join our hands and pray, that we hope our prayers will be far reaching and will somehow touch anyone out there who is struggling to just get through another day.

I believe in guardian angels and Iím sure theyíre hovering close by, to spread their wondrous wings and protect us from an ever-darkening sky.  These angels come in all sizes, shapes and forms to hold you up and pick you up while weathering the storm.

When I need to call upon an angel to help me find my way, I know I can look around the circle and see my angels standing here with me today.  They donít wear white flowing gowns of satin and their feathers arenít bright, theyíre just extraordinary people helping ordinary people find their way out the darkness into Gods healing light.

Itís been a month now since treatment started and my body grows weary and weak with each passing day.  But I get up every morning and put on my happy face, because a new day holds new promise that a cure could be found today.

If you can hang in there with me through the darkest days to come, it is appreciated more than you will ever know.  If at any time this becomes too much for you, because the battle seems to never end, I will truly understand and please feel free to let go.

God bless everyone in this circle today.  Please shine your radiant light on each and every one of them in your own special way. 

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