Oncologist (Dianeís report on her visit)

Thursday, February 07, 2002 7:38 AM

I saw the Oncologist on Tuesday afternoon.  From all the scans I had done they can best determine that I have a small tumor in the right kidney and two in the liver.  He said that they are early stage and that gives us a chance at stopping them from growing.  It is in the tissue on the right side of my chest bones and that is where it originated.  They say that even when it shows up in another organ it is still breast cancer.  I have started taking a chemo in pill form, Arimadex (an estrogen receptor inhibitor drug) and Zanax to help protect my bones from disintegrating.  Unfortunately the Armiadex has proven to work well at keeping the bodies estrogen from reaching the breast area where in my case it feeds the cancer cells, but it destroys bone mass.  They had a bone density test done on me to see where I was starting with bone mass before I started taking the drug and that did not turn out to be good.  He says I am borderline fracture sensitive already.  When I took chemo before it threw me into Osteoporosis and he said my bones look like an 80-90 year old womenís.  How lucky can one person get?  The Zanax is supposed to help your body to produce new bone growth and in my case he hopes that it will just stop them from getting anymore brittle.  He made a call to a colleague of his who specializes in Osteoporosis to ask him what he suggested he give me to allow me to take the estrogen blocker drug and this Zanax.  The only problem with this drug is that you have to be extremely careful taking it to follow the ritual exactly the way the druggist tells you or it will eat away the lining of your stomach and esophagus.  You have to get up first thing in the morning and drink 8ozs of water and wait 30 minutes, take the pill and walk or sit (do not lay down!!) for 30 minutes and drink another 8ozs of water wait 30 minutes and then eat something to help push it through your stomach.  Talk about a pain in the butt.  Well the pain probably wonít be in my butt, but you know what I mean.  So I am basically taking drugs to counteract the affects of other drugs so that I can fight the cancer.  I am not sure that this is worth it, but I will give it my best shot I guess.  This is one of those things where the cure is worse than the disease.  Iíll get through it like I always do.  Never been one to feel sorry for myself and I donít intend to start now.  Jon is the wind beneath my wings.  If I didnít have him, I really donít think I could find enough reasons to do this again.  He helps me a lot and watches out for me at work every day.  I only work about 4 hours a day now, but I want to keep that up as much as I can.  It gives me a reason to pick myself up in the morning and make myself get motivated.  They have been wonderful and even made me a parking spot up by the showroom door so I wonít take any chances of falling out in the snow and ice in the parking lot out back.  The Spurr families are good people.  They told me if I canít come in one day just to call and someone will be sure what needs to get done gets done and not to worry about it.  Not too many employers who will make exceptions like that.  I still have to take the muscle relaxers and sleeping pills that I have been taking for the past two years for the neurological disorder thanks also to the first chemo so it is beginning to look like a branch of Eckerd Drug here.  I am thinking that maybe I could open my doors to customers and make enough money to pay all the co-pays.  HA!!
Well, got to go get ready to go to work.  Take care for now. 

Love Ya

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