Diane Decides to Write Her Story

From: "Jon & Diane DeTar" <survivord@rpa.net>
To: "Lyn and Donna Bissonette" <lbissone@rochester.rr.com>
Subject: I want to write my story
Date: Sunday, June 09, 2002 4:07 PM

I am going to start to work on my story, but I am unsure if I should set the story itself up in e-mail or do I do the document in Microsoft Word and then it can be attached through there??  I am Internet page naive, so any direction with this would be appreciated Lyn.  If no one wants it thatís fine too, but it could be very therapeutic just to put it all down for once in a human experience reality garbled sort of way. 

There are many things I would have liked to have seen before I die and do before then also, but I am not physically able to do much of anything anymore so I focus on making my needs leaving my family in a place with some comfort zone in it when I can no longer be here to make that for them.  I have few needs anymore really.  I need a wheelchair and I need to find out if my insurance will help me with that or I guess I will just do without one.  Sure I had every hope in the world to be able to go to California one day while Pete was stationed there (7 years) to know where he and my daughter-in-law were making their life now and where my grandchildren will probably be born, but that isn't going to ever come true now and I just have to accept that and let it go so it doesn't continue to break my heart apart every single day.  I want to see Richie and Karen get married and maybe have a child one day, but that won't happen either now, so I let that go too and hope I will be able to see this all come true from a better place some day far far away.  I want a lot Lyn, but I accept what I cannot have and I remain grateful for what I do have, little as it may seem to other people.  I am truly a wealthy woman filled with the riches of love and friendships that will last even when I am gone.  I have had the blessing of being a mother twice and a grandmother once and nothing I could buy could ever compare to that.  I have a husband who loves me and thinks I am the greatest thing that ever happened to him even when I have no hair, no breasts and I am throwing up all the time.  I have so much more than most and God knows that I know how blessed I really am.

Let me know how you suggest me starting this document Lyn, Iím very excited about doing this for myself and for any others that might stumble upon my site someday.  I may not live long enough to get it distributed, but I know that you will be sure that it does some day for me.

Take care and Love Ya!!!


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