In the Difficult Times

In the difficult times lift your head up high, believe in yourself and reach for the sky.

In the difficult times donít let down your guard and meet all your challenges even when it gets hard.

In the difficult times close your eyes and let your senses take you to a heavenly place where the streams flow quietly while the birds harmoniously sing.  Open your heart and allow natures beauty to take you under her wing.

In the difficult times donít grieve your misfortunes or ponder all the things that might have been.  Meet your challenges head on no matter where or when.

In the difficult times donít shut out those around you from offering their support, for they offer you the unity of a gentle but powerful healing force.

If the difficult times toss away all that anger and pain.  Let the warming comfort of a midday sun shine through the pouring rain.

In the difficult times you will never walk alone.  For God awaits in the distance to pick you up and carry you across the path of the painful stones.

In the difficult times take just one moment to admire the miraculous beauty in the heart of a rose.  Now revisit all the special moments you have been blessed to see for this is the path in life you chose.

In the difficult times donít lose sight of what is truly important in your life.  Donít ever waste a moment of your precious time with hate or pain or envy, for they are infectious weapons of the devils device.

In the difficult times wake up with a smile and you will know suddenly, that a day is as nice as you think it to be.

If difficult times we look to God to keep us on track.  Just donít ask from him more than you are willing to give back.

Difficult times weigh heavy upon my body now, but my spirit is lifted like a feather to a heavenly place where God has heard your prayers for his healing powers and he is guiding them to me right now.

Iím not asking God to spare me the fate he has already planned.  I leave tomorrow nestled in his mystical and loving hands.

I donít know what more I could ask for just look around this room.  It is abundantly evident I already have more than most.  I do ask one small favor, that each and every one of you feel as blessed as I do.

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