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Your Name :  Samantha Higgins
E-Mail :  higginssamantha@hotmail.com
Your Thoughts :  My sister, Carol died of lung cancer this year. She didn't have enough time following diagnosis to prepare herself and us for her death. Diane was a remarkable woman and her family should be proud of her strength, courage and her humanity to think of others before herself.
Your Name :  marilynne lipshutz
E-Mail :  mlipshutz@aol.com
Your Thoughts :  Thank you for sharing. This is a wonderful tribute to Diane. Though I didn't know her...I feel close to all who did.
Your Name :  Margaret Chiffriller
E-Mail :  breastcancer.guide@about.com
Your Thoughts :  You may not see it that way, but Diane's story is a story of hope, courage and triumph. Her body may have become a victim to this beast, but her spirit was - and still is - facing it without backing down. Thank you for sharing this... Margaret C..
Your Name :  isabel garcia
E-Mail :  garciaisa@terra.es
Your Thoughts :  It is the most moving story I know about cancer. It will help millions of people over the world!
Your Name :  Eileen M. Collins
E-Mail :  eileen_collins@boces.monroe.edu
Your Thoughts :  As a breast cancer survivor, I am deeply touched by this WEB site. What a beautiful tribute from a brother to his sister.
My brother and sister both died of cancer and your tribute and her words are so true!
Such a gift to be able to produce such a wonderful memorial. My love to both of you. Eileen
Your Name :  Mary
E-Mail :  bearyjoyful@cfl.rr.com
Your Thoughts :  What a lovely site and tribute to Diane! It has touched me deeply. Her story is sure to inspire others going through this journey. God bless you! Hugs, Mary
Your Name :  Joyce Kasparian
E-Mail :  
Your Thoughts :  I was very touched by Diane's story. My mother is a breast cancer survivor.
Your Name :  Nicole
E-Mail :  nacandrews1@aol.com
Your Thoughts :  I ready Diane's story. I, too was diagnosed with cancer. Mine was thyroid cancer. I had a total thyroidectomy and it is gone. I thank God every day. I think it is great that you as a brother created this web site for the memory of your beloved sister. I know she was a special person and so are you.
Your Name :  Sandra Williamson
E-Mail :  will3003@bellsouth.net
Your Thoughts :  I think this tribute to Diane is beautiful. I know first hand what it's like to have Breast Cancer. I was diagnosed in March 2002 with Breast Cancer. I had surgery and I'm now taking chemotherapy treatments. And then I will be taking Radiation therapy. And I am 38 years old and the mother of two children ages 16 and 7. I think Diane would be very proud of her family for doing this for her. I just pray I will be half as brave as she is.
Your Name :  Lisa Johnson
E-Mail :  lisjohns66@hotmail.com
Your Thoughts :  I was very touched by Diane's story and would like to offer my thanks to her family for doing this for her. She may be gone, but her spirit is still very much alive. I lost my best friend last year in October to breast cancer. She was first diagnosed with breast cancer, then lung cancer; then bone cancer and then lastly brain caner. She has two handsome sons, 16, 17 and a very sad, but strong husband.
Your Name :  lee stamford
E-Mail :  lee_stamford@hotmail.com
Your Thoughts :   i am very sorry for your loss and this website is a wonderful thing for other people who may be in the same situation to have a look at. rest in peace diane.
Your Name :  Patricia Furchtenicht
E-Mail :  pfurchte@hotmail.com
Your Thoughts :  I am also a breast cancer survivor and am in remission now. I was diagnosed with type 3 breast cancer which is an aggressive type of cell. I did chemo and radiology at the same time and that was taxing to my body and mental being. I am better now, but still suffer from many side affects from the chemo. I lost my beloved cousin on May 2, 2002. She was battling her second round of breast cancer. She was a beautiful person like Diane and we miss her so much. God had a special reason for taking these beautiful people and now they are at peace and not suffering. I made a promise to the good lord that if he kept me here I would do something good every day for someone. He has helped me so I help others. Have a great day and God bless you and your family.
Your Name :  Barb
E-Mail :  
Your Thoughts :  This webpage is a wonderful tribute to Diane. I think we all fear that we'll be forgotten when we are gone. You and your family have made your sister a real person to a lot of women. Her feelings and thoughts during her struggle will help many women. Thank you for creating this place and for sharing Diane's Story.


Your Name :  Sally
E-Mail :  
Your Thoughts :  My deepest and solemn condolences on the passing of Diane. Words are simply inadequate to express the grief one feels when someone so close leaves this earth, but know that her memory, her spirit and her love lives in each and every one of you whom she loved. Take those precious memories and wrap yourself in that love that she had for you.


Your Name :  Joyce
E-Mail :  
Your Thoughts :  What a wonderful tribute. I am sure there is a new Breast Angel looking down and smiling. Oh, to be fortunate enough to have a family that could do this one last thing for you. What a labor of love. You have done an excellent job. One that has touched us all. It is exactly what this journey is. I am just so sorry I never got to meet her.
Your Name :  Jenny
E-Mail :  swifty@frys23.freeserve.co.uk
Your Thoughts :  Thank you for this website.
Helped me shed many needed tears.
Battling this BC thing myself.
How wonderful to have a family like this; Diane & her family are obviously very special people.
Thank you again
Your Name :  shari pescatore
E-Mail :  pesky@comcast.net
Your Thoughts :  you are in my thoughts and prayers.
Your Name :  Elaine
E-Mail :  
Your Thoughts :  Diane was a brave and wise woman. I gained much strength this morning by reading her thoughts. What a lovely gift she has left to others. Thank you for putting this together for Diane.
Your Name :  Anne Burkinshaw
E-Mail :  amber@ukstamp.co.uk
Your Thoughts :  I never knew Diane but heard of her death from her brother on the wonderful IVillage.UK Breast Cancer support web site. I am myself a one year survivor of breast cancer and reading Diane's story has helped me to realize that life is for living and not for worrying about tomorrow.

Rest in Peace Diane - you deserve to !

Luv n hugs from across the ocean to all Diane's family.
Your Name :  Patrick
E-Mail :  Ppphowarth@aol.com
Your Thoughts :  Have just spent a considerable amount of time reading Diane's reflections - and was moved by them. I have a colleague at work who has been diagnosed with breast cancer, and she is in the early stages of chemo, facing a double mastectomy in late December. She (is a nurse) and has bravely been carrying on with her work duties (despite the hair loss, and feeling rough).

It was so harrowing, but I believe Diane's account carries a positive testament in so many ways. Thank - you for sharing it with the rest of us who are having to deal with the same thing in the here and now, and wanting to know how to be positively supportive.

I hope that you and your family are recovering - though I guess no amount of time will ever make that totally possible.

Your Name :  Lisa
E-Mail :  
Your Thoughts :  This is a beautiful website and a wonderful way to remember Diane. She was a very courageous person who battled this horrible disease with dignity.
Your Name :  Lilly T.
E-Mail :  
Your Thoughts :  Dear Dianeís Family,

This tribute to Diane is so very warm and touching, she truly was a strong and courageous woman, and I shed many tears as I read her story. It will surely bring a lot of reassurance to anyone who visits here which Iím sure that is what Diane was hoping for and has certainly succeeded in doing. Thank you again for sharing this experience with me, I feel privileged.

God Bless and Peace be with you always.


Your Name :  Cindy
E-Mail :  ghomer@mindinfo.com
Your Thoughts :  I am an RN with a practice in Oncology. The faith, strength, and selflessness exhibited by each of my patients when challenged by this terrible disease never cease to amaze me. We as survivors are blessed to have been touched by each person suffering with Cancer. It seems that Diane was no exception. Prayers for all
Your Name :  Min
E-Mail :  
Your Thoughts :  Diane would have been so proud of what her family did on the web site. What a wonderful way to remember her. Thank You Sooo Much!
Your Name :  diane
E-Mail :  redhead4415@yahoo.com
Your Thoughts :  this is a wonderful memorial to diane...thank you so much for sharing, i am very touched by dianes bravery...God bless you all...
Your Name :  Barry
E-Mail :  
Your Thoughts :  Thank you for Diane's eulogy.

I feel certain that she has met Jesus and has experienced the same explosion of unconditional Love, Betty Eadie described in Embraced. Our Father's love for her, you and everyone on earth is the same as He had for Jesus while he walked among us such a short time ago.
Your Name :  Ione Snow
E-Mail :  Free_47@Hotmail.com
Your Thoughts :  What a loving tribute and heart warming story of faith and love. Thank you so much.

Your Name :  Mazie
E-Mail :  MazieKarnes@msn.com
Your Thoughts :   I think this is just beautiful. I know you are in Heaven dear....there is no doubt in my mind...could you say a prayer for all of us left here on earth. God Bless You Honey!
Your Name :  Betty J. Eadie
E-Mail :  http://embracedbythelight.com
Your Thoughts :  Diane, I know you rest in Heaven with our Heavenly Father and that your life was meaningful. While you left a treasured family who loves you deeply, your spirit of love remains with them. One day, in God's kingdom, you will reunite with them in utter joy!!

Thank you for sharing Diane's site with me.

Love and prayers for the continued healing of Diane's family.
Your Name :  Jenifer
E-Mail :  
Your Thoughts :  Very refreshing to find a cancer patient with the courage to tell it like it is ~ I hope I meet her in heaven one day she sounds like someone I would have liked very much to have as a friend.
Your Name :  Leslie
E-Mail :  ltlprincess33@yahoo.com
Your Thoughts :  Thank you for sharing this beautiful and emotional web site with me. I read the entire thing and cried the entire time! May you rest in peace you beautiful person. I know the road you have traveled although I haven't experienced all your pain as I am 36 and traveling the breast cancer road myself. I was diagnosed at 34. I hope and pray that I can get through it as positive as you were. Until we meet again my "sister", rest in peace. Hugs, Leslie
Your Name :  Connie
E-Mail :  Bresmimi@aol.com
Your Thoughts :  This story was very touching. I am lost for words. I do know, that my heart was very touched.

May the family and friends always have wonderful memories of Diane.
Your Name :  Sandy
E-Mail :  
Your Thoughts :  It is so very hard to say goodbye to the people we love. This site has done this in such a warm and meaningful way. Diane has touched my heart in places I have kept hidden for a long time now. I cried such good tears as I read her words of wisdom.

God Bless and Thank you for sharing your love, strength and life Diane De Tar!

Your Name :  Marzyeh
E-Mail :  khalehsara@aol.com
Your Thoughts :  Dear Diane,
I am a nurse and I work with cancer patients all the time. From now on, I will be thinking about you as I try to make my patients more comfortable. I will pray for you. Thank you for bringing a different site and point of view to my life. God bless your sole.
Your Name :  Linda
E-Mail :  
Your Thoughts :  In London England I took a death and dying college course to fulfill my psych department course. I am also a nurse and see a lot of death through my work. Your site was so very inspirational to me and I have sent it to many of the families of my patients and get a lot of comments on how much it has helped them, so I want to give you a personal thank you for going where many will not dare to .... discussing this subject. Thank you so much for this Diane!!!


Your Name :  alexa townsend
E-Mail :  a_townse@bellsouth.com
Your Thoughts :  It was very refreshing, touching and came directly from Diane's heart. May she continue to progress with the LORD.

I was recently diagnose with breast cancer and I am praying for God's richly blessings and guidance.

let's hug ourselves today.
Your Name :  Eve Churchill
E-Mail :  eve_churchill2002@yahoo.com
Your Thoughts :  What a courageous person Diane must have been - to share her very thoughts with those of us left behind and still facing the every day unknowns of breast cancer. Thank you, Diane.
Your Name :  Charlene Montgomery
E-Mail :  mrspopmontgomery@aol.com
Your Thoughts :  Amen!!!!!
Bless you and your family for all the love you share!
The courage she showed and the many smiles she must have given to all of you, knowing differently, how she was feeling.
Diane was very blessed during her short life, now God has taken her home.
Your Name :  Chuck Rossier
E-Mail :  rossier@hotmail.com
Your Thoughts :  What a wonderful tribute to Diane. I never knew her, but I feel her words will influence my life from now on.

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