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Your Name :  Donna
E-Mail :  donnacq@attbi.com
Your Thoughts :  My prayers are with all of you. Thank you for keeping up with this web page. My sister has breast cancer, and reading through Diane's story has helped me to see what she might be feeling, and what she is going to be up against.
Your Name :  Dawna
E-Mail :  dawna@pinkribbons.com
Your Thoughts :  I lost who I call my other mother March 8, 2003. I was there with her family when God took her home. I hurt everyday because I miss her so much. I thank you for this website and I pray that you keep it up. We were told 4 years ago that she only had 6 months. We celebrated life everyday after that. I'm glad for the time that we had because 16 months ago my best friend was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and 4 months ago my sister. With the education and awareness that Peggy gave me and others I know it helped them through Chemo and everything else. To the survivors and their caretakers Thank you.
Your Name :  Kathy
E-Mail :  
Your Thoughts :  I have just logged on here and yours is the first story I have read ... and I want you to know what a wonderful job her family has done for Diane. I myself, have been blessed with NOT having to deal with Breast Cancer, but we all know that could change at any point. I have come to your site to help me deal with my sisters death due to Breast Cancer and Diane has helped me a great deal with her thoughts. Please keep your mind and your heart open so Diane can come to you in your dreams.

God Bless and Thank You,
Your Name :  Carol
E-Mail :  
Your Thoughts :  I love Diane's site, whenever my mind starts to wander and I think about my mother, who also died from Breast Cancer, I can come straight here and I am able to write down my thoughts just like Diane. What a wonderful, peaceful place ... to be able to keep our dearly departed alive thru the Internet and to remember them so lovingly ... the angels are not only in Heaven but here on Earth too.

God Bless
Your Name :  sandy trifiletti
E-Mail :  strifiletti@safeplace.net
Your Thoughts :  This a wonderful tribute to a very special person. Each of us who face this disease face each day with renewed wonder. We never know what the future holds for any of us, but any one with breast cancer can't seem to plan ahead. I have a strong relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and know that I am held in His precious hands every day. For me to live is Christ to die is gain. I was diagnosed with stage 3 BC in July of 2001, so far I am cancer free. I pray that I remain so. God's richest blessings on you.
Your Name :  Emmi
E-Mail :  charmin@froggernet.com
Your Thoughts :  What a wonderful tribute to Diane. I am very touched and sad she is gone. Fighting this disease myself I know some of what she must have felt. Her words that she wrote are so true. God bless her soul, she is in a better place without pain and watching over us. I find strength in her words and in Jesus Christ, our fight will continue until we cannot fight anymore. I am sure Diane is an inspiration to all of us. Thank you for this Web Site.
Your Name :  Laurie Quintiliani
E-Mail :  lauriequintiliani@yahoo.com
Your Thoughts :  This is a beautiful tribute - thank you for sharing and please take care.
Your Name :  Dan
E-Mail :  lenorules1950@yahoo.com
Your Thoughts :  I lost my mother to cancer last summer, 3 months after her diagnosis. I think about her every day, even more so now because it was this time last year when she began to exhibit symptoms. She was diagnosed with lung cancer in May, and it had spread to her bones. Radiation got rid of the disease in her bones but by then it had reached her lymph nodes and liver. I remember being with her on her final days- it was the hardest thing I've ever had to do. The last thing I ever said to her was "I love you"- but I never said goodbye because I truly believe that she wasn't really leaving me and that she's simply manifesting her presence in a different way now. I also remember how all her doctors, nurses, and roommates fell in love with her. She was such a beautiful person and I miss her terribly. I never knew Diane; I got here from the IBC page- but I'm sure that she and my mom would get along great together if they ever meet in Heaven. I feel for your family and hope healing is progressing for all of you. Take care of yourselves.
Your Name :  Anne
E-Mail :  
Your Thoughts :  My heart and warm thoughts go out to all of Diane's family on your tragic loss. As I read her website a lot of Diane's words are the words that many of us, with Breast Cancer, have said or thought in our darkest hours. Thank you for sharing this with all of us. Diane was a VERY brave lady and was SO blessed to have a family like all of you.

Luv n hugs

Your Name :  Diane L. Stein
E-Mail :  diane41314@yahoo.com
Your Thoughts :  I am 50yrs. old and the 4/04/03 was told I have breast cancer. So now the party begins - the irony of this story is a year ago this Valentine's Day I quit smoking because I was concerned about cancer.
So now I have an appointment at the MARKEY BREAST CENTER in Lexington to consult on my options.
I have no idea what I am UP against. 4/18/03
Your Name :  G.Scott Krabbe
E-Mail :  demurrerme@msn.com
Your Thoughts :  I can't believe I found this by accident! What a profound expression,...I'll come back here when I can complete sentences. If only more people loved each other this much. God works in mysterious "typos"!

Your Name :  Marcia
E-Mail :  
Your Thoughts :  What a Wonderful Wonderful site!

As I have read Diane's web site I am deeply moved. I am sitting here weeping in memory of a lady that I did not know but her story has touched my heart as my only sister died as the age of 31 years of age and left 3 small children to grown up without their mom. You would think after 8 years that to think of my sister would not upset me but it is even more painful now than when she passed away. This web site is wonderful and I thank you for sharing Diane's thoughts with so many of us. I've often heard the statement; "Only the best people seem to get cancer." Diane has prove that. God bless you Diane.

Your Name :  Damon
E-Mail :  Damegreat@aol.com
Your Thoughts :  I also found this by accident and I wish I could have met
this lovely and beautiful woman. Her words and thoughts truly touched my heart and bought me many tears while reading them. She displayed a great courage in the face of this awful disease.

My prayers are with the family.

Your Name :  lee
E-Mail :  lee_foxy84@hotmail.com
Your Thoughts :  i came upon this site while searching for info for my grandmother who has a huge lump in her right breast ... it is sad when someone so young and beautiful is taken away from her love ones ... i know about what it can do to a person to lose a family member to cancer ... my dad passed away in 1999 from lung cancer ... have hope and god bless
Your Name :  Tiffany Taddeo
E-Mail :  tnt128@psu.edu
Your Thoughts :  I just wanted to send my condolences. I came upon this website researching breast cancer for a class. I just want to say that I realize the pain and suffering everyone close to Diane must have been through. I came looking for information, but I left this website knowing how much Diane DeTar was loved.

Best wishes
Your Name :  Lawana Flute Farguson
E-Mail :  lawana@intellex.com
Your Thoughts :  Family and Friends of Diane,
What a wonderful, strong, sincere, and loving person Diane is (was). I am truly moved by Diane's story. I was searching sites for a class project, came upon Diane's site, read it and have not been able to move beyond it. I wish I had the opportunity to have known her. Her strength and courage is a testament for us all. I am Native American (Cherokee), and in our culture we believe that when our loved ones depart this life, they are never really gone, but always there with us, in our hearts, minds, souls, and are helping God guide us in our daily lives. Just as Diane told you, we believe also. I will remember Diane's story and her celebration of life and love.
Sincerely, Lawana Flute Farguson
Your Name :  Pamela Cunninghame, Albury, Australia
E-Mail :  
Your Thoughts :  What a brave and courageous woman
Your Name :  Candace Fuller Pfau
E-Mail :  rcpfau@peoplepc.com
Your Thoughts :  My best friend passed away from stage IV breast cancer. We had been friends from the time we were in diapers. She was like an angel, always thinking of others. At first I was angry when she lost her battle. But then I realized God had other, greater plans for her. We must obliterate this dreadful disease.

An angel of a friend left this earth on March 1, 1999
We were friends from age three. Life took us in many different directions but we always touched base. I'll meet you at the river Sharon.
Love, Candace

One Petal Falls

One Petal Falls
without a sound,
one soul lifts up,
homeward bound.

One humming bird,
hovers silent as a breeze,
One leaf floats quietly down,
One rain drop quenches a parched ground.
One tear slides silently down.

Love, Candace

Your Name :  Sian Coppard
E-Mail :  
Your Thoughts :  Oh, my God, I don't know what to say. I am in tears. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in August 2001. Diane's words touch me in a special way. She expresses things I could never be able to. She is a truly special person.
Your Name :  patricia
E-Mail :  pat2992@hotmail.com
Your Thoughts :  I have no words...in this moment I am full of tears. I was searching for emotional strength to fight a little more in my battle against ovarian cancer when I found this site and now I'm full of hope and strength.

Thanks Diane wherever you are because now I know that I can go through it with dignity and not feeling compassion for myself every second.
Your Name :  Deb
E-Mail :  anybody@anywhere.com
Your Thoughts :  Yet again I have had my breath taken away. The first time reading Diane's thoughts and just now reading her eloquent guestbook postings. I am rarely at a loss for words, but I have found myself unable to describe all that Diane has put to paper.

My very deepest condolences on the loss of your beloved Diane, and a "Thank You", for sharing her. Her legacy will be safe with us for all times.


Your Name :  Louise O'Keeffe
E-Mail :  lokeeffe32@hotmail.com
Your Thoughts :  Diane has described every one of my feelings. I'm sick of trying to make everyone else smile, while inside my heart is breaking.
Your Name :  alanho, HongKong
E-Mail :  alanho_world@hotmail.com
Your Thoughts :   am really enjoy this site ~ it is quite sadness for me with this T.T ~ Enjoy your life without any complain and blue.
Your Name :  Gayle
E-Mail :  
Your Thoughts :  This is my first time on this website. Diane and I have the same birth date. I also found I had bc (non-invasive) in May, 2002 and had a mastectomy w/ reconstruction in June. I'm doing fine now and realize how blessed I am when I read about people like Diane. My prayers are with her family. (My daughter's middle name is Diane)
Your Name :  Suzanne Keith Loechl
E-Mail :  suzanneloechl@yahoo.com
Your Thoughts :  Diane and friends/family;
Diane's words are now part of the Trillium Project: www.matissedesigns.com. God Bless, Suzanne
Your Name :  Cindy
E-Mail :  
Your Thoughts :  My sister died Nov. 15, 2002 of Acute Myeloid leukemia she just turned 48 yrs. leaving behind a husband, 2 young kids, a mother, brothers, and a sister. We miss her so much and she didn't know she had cancer until eight days before she died. Sandy entered the hospital and three days after chemo started she went into a comma and didn't come out of it. She died 5 days later. She is sadly missed by her children and family. Your web site touch me and I am in tears for Sandy and you. Your family expressed your love for Diane and she left you knowing how much she loved you all. We didn't have a chance to say goodbye to our daughter and sister. With the help of God and time I'm sure we can get over her death but her memory will be in our hearts and mind forever. She laughed all the time and we sadly miss her especially her closeness and fun.
Your Name :  chala blake
E-Mail :  chala@casscomm.com
Your Thoughts :  I have been diagnosed with breast cancer, and have been searching the internet for all the information I can consume about this disease. I stumbled upon Diane's story and am forever changed. I hope I to will have her courage and unselfishness. God Bless Diane and all her Family.

Your Name :  Tracey Kiernan
E-Mail :  
Your Thoughts :  God Bless all who are inflicted with this terrible disease! I will pray for you all! I am running in the Race for the Cure to fight the disease in the best way I know how to help you!
Your Name :  Lisa
E-Mail :  poahrselvr@aol.com
Your Thoughts :  What a beautiful woman. I read every page on the site through smiles and tears knowing I am now richer having read her story. I am so glad she chose to share it with the world. I wish I could have known her. May God be with You.
Your Name :  Julie Ellison
E-Mail :  ssisterbell@aol.com
Your Thoughts :  Glad I happened upon this site. Looking for info on scandishakes, which my brother is having daily during his lung cancer battle. I think if Diane had lived she would have made a great writer. I'm speaking in past tense--something here makes me think she is already gone. This site is amazing. I'll be back again as time goes on in my brother's battle, I'm sure.
Your Name :  DAWN LUECK



Your Name :  Melissa
E-Mail :  
Your Thoughts :  My sister Belinda died of breast cancer May 11, 2003. This woman and her writing remind me so much of her. She was so brave and never complained, always smiling. I miss her so much. She was only 42. My heart aches every day.
Your Name :  Dovewings
E-Mail :  dovewings828@yahoo.com
Your Thoughts :  Being a breast cancer survivor the thought of when this dreadful disease is going to comeback to finish you off is always in the back of my mind. Diane story touched me deeply.
Your Name :  Debra
E-Mail :  
Your Thoughts :  I lost my own sister just 3 weeks ago today. Although I did not lose her to an illness, I found this site to be not only beautiful, but such a moving work of love and honor from a brother to a sister, as well as a way to preserve and express a wonderful woman's thoughts at such a crucial time.
Thank you for sharing this.
Your Name :  Claudia Peters- Cass
E-Mail :  
Your Thoughts :  Yesterday the 23rd of September my friend Marissa passed away. She was only 36 years old. From the breast cancer diagnosis until death we had less than two years to spend with her. To all the Marissas and Dianes, we celebrate your life's and memories. Thank you for all of it. Love, Claudia

Your Name :  debbie dubinin
E-Mail :  shortstop2nyy@aol.com
Your Thoughts :  i am a breast cancer survivor for almost 2 years. and i know how hard it is to make it threw all that we have to go threw. but if your strong and have a good outlook you can make it threw this. i will be walking this year on oct 19 for a cure for this deadly disease. god bless us all
Your Name :  sylvia coleman
E-Mail :  haroldandsylvia@telus.net
Your Thoughts :  I am also struggling with breast cancer. Finished treatments but because cancer was so advanced I am not in a good position. As I am an infiltrating ductal carcinoma stage 3b grade3 so I have been told my cancer may come back. Since being on chemo my arthritis has escalated and I have copd and a cardiomiopathy so heart and lung problems but have had some improvement as was on oxygen 24/7 and now am on at night and as needed in the day. I also have had an open lung surgery to rule out mets to the lung and although they did not see that I remain under the respirologists care as a ct is required every 6 mons to show any changes.
I have so appreciated this site as it has explained some things to me that I did not know. It is very well done I must say. And I thank you all very much.
Your Name :  Marilyn
E-Mail :  frogluv@charter.net
Your Thoughts :  What a beautiful website for a wonderful woman. I am a breast cancer survivor since May 31, 2002. I'm a year older than Diane. My kids walked in the Race for the Cure yesterday and raised over $1500. I'm so proud of them. Why God lets some of us live through cancer and others not is a question I struggle with. Three people I knew found out they had cancer and lost their fight during my treatment. Diane was blessed to have such a wonderful support system in her family and friends. And she was was right in saying we should not waste time on pettiness and hard feelings. Life is definitely too short for that. God bless you all.
Your Name :  Laure F.
E-Mail :  
Your Thoughts :  A truly wonderful memorial to someone, who obviously improved the world around her. I was especially touched by her letter of resignation to her employer. Instead of being preoccupied by her own problems, Diane took the time to thank those that had made an effort to make her more comfortable. The letter was really a good bye, but more importantly she was obviously looking to ease their inevitable grief. What a truly amazing human being Diane must have been. To think of the feelings of others when her time was so precious. I've often heard the statement; "Only the best people seem to get cancer."

Diane seems to prove that.

Love Laure
Your Name :  Sandy
E-Mail :  
Your Thoughts :  This tribute to Diane is so lovely and it has brought tears to my eyes. Twenty years ago I lost my grandmother to breast cancer. She was a wonderful person just like Diane was. Thank you for the work you put into these pages. You’re also doing a wonderful thing by educating people about Breast Cancer! It, along with the help of others will create awareness that will one day beat this dreaded disease.

Love, Sandy

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