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Your Name :  Alexandra Vassallo
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Your Thoughts :  My aunt has just died from breast cancer and she was courageous as well. She never told us that she was in pain even though she was. God bless her and her two young kids.
Your Name :  Bonnie
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Your Thoughts :  Thank you for sharing such a wonderful tribute to an obviously wonderful woman. Her grace through her trials is a wonderful example of the beauty of the human spirit. I can't stop the tears even now, but they are tears of wonder as much as tears of pain for the loss of such a beautiful spirit. I am so very sorry for your loss. Diane's legacy of strength and courage does indeed live on in this beautiful tribute.

Your Name :  Connie Mohney
E-Mail :  tacar123@aol.com
Your Thoughts :  Oh if only Diane knew what her words meant to me. I never understood how exactly my son felt but somehow I know now. He always said like her, live your life to the fullest. She has given me a reason to go on. I felt I just couldn't go on as my heart is just torn in pieces. I honor Diane deeply and I know that cancer is so hard and yes every person with this disease are my true hero's. After my son died of stomach cancer, my Father followed eight months later with colon cancer. It seemed I relived this whole nightmare once again. I came to know my son, Shane for 27 years and I miss him so very deeply. I know that God sure is taking the "best." My soul goes out to this dear family. Diane's words will always be with me and the courage she showed like my Shane. I pray everyday that they find a cure but until then cancer will never take away our memories. 

Love, Connie

Your Name :  Jan Tarantino
E-Mail :  jantarantino2002@yahoo.com
Your Thoughts :  Rest in Peace my friend. God bless. I am an ovarian cancer survivor but I will try as others are to help fight this ugly cancer till we are rid of it for good. 


Your Name :  Marguerite Dynski, SSJ, MD
E-Mail :  marguerite.dynski@viahealth.org
Your Thoughts :  I am sorry I never met you in life but I feel I know you through Jon. See you in the after life.

Your Name :  Virginia Condell-Nelson
E-Mail :  nelsons4@erols.com
Your Thoughts :  I would like to thank Diane for sharing her fears, concerns, and life with us who do not know how or from what our journey will end. She was a very courageous woman and her strength emanates to those who read her story. Thank you, Diane. God picks His flowers, some earlier than others, but He is the one who decides when to pick them. His garden is the most beautiful and each flower is there to prove it. You are truly one of God's flowers!
Your Name :  Michelle
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Your Thoughts :  Father, I pray for this family to feel your awesome peace and love. Father, I pray that her story will be a ministry to other women and their families as they face this disease. Father, I thank you for all you are going to do through her story. In Jesus Name, Amen!

Love, Michelle
Your Name :  Shakira
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Your Thoughts :  Your site is one of the best I could find after searching through many search engines. Well done! Please update it more often.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Shakira
Your Name :  Callie Franks
E-Mail :  cal_franks@hotmail.com
Your Thoughts :  I lost my mother to metastasized breast cancer November 1, 2002. I found your website and it is awesome. Diane sounds a lot like my mother. She was diagnosed in March of 2001 and fought through chemo, radiation, and surgery. They thought that it was clear, but it returned in May of 2002. She was admitted into the hospital July 1, 2002. She was there until we brought her to my grandmother's house September 23, 2002. She was with us another five weeks until God decided she had been through enough and it was time to bring her home. I love her so much and miss her every minute of every day. I am so glad she was here to see her first grandchild. I know that she is watching over him, as well as the rest of us. I am sure that she and Diane are together in heaven.
Your Name :  Linda
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Your Thoughts :  I don't think I have seen such a beautiful and inspiring tribute to someone before. You must have all loved Diane so very much. What a wonderful life you must have had with this astonishing lady. My heart goes out to you and your family. But, to have been blessed with such rich memories is a piece of heaven few of us ever experience. God bless you. And may Diane be planting her seeds of love and grace throughout the great garden of heaven.

Your Name :  David
E-Mail :  pearlz@bonbon.net
Your Thoughts :  My sister Elizabeth is 46 and in the later stages of secondary breast cancer, reading stuff written by people who have been in the same situation is very helpful for her, the whole family thanks your sister for taken time to think about others and write these pages, I am sure they have given a lot of comfort to a lot of people. Your sister is in our thoughts.
Your Name :  Kelly
E-Mail :  mrichter@adelphia.net
Your Thoughts :  My friend just lost her sister to breast cancer 12/19/02. She leaves behind a 7 year old daughter and 8 year old son. I am deeply saddened that these children have to go on without their mother and right around the holidays. It is so scary, you never know what can happen in life. Don't take people for granted because you never know what can happen. God bless you all. My thoughts are with you.
Your Name :  Deanna
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Your Thoughts :  Thank you for the great honor of sharing this web site with my family. Diane must certainly be one of God's most beautiful angels. Such a beautiful and caring person ... May God comfort her family at this difficult time of the year. I know that Diane is still with us, if not in body, in spirit. This web site if a lovely way to remember such a sweet and wonderful person. Her life on earth might be over, but her light on earth will continue to shine.

Our sympathies are with all of her family.

Perth, Western Australia
Your Name :  maryr
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Your Thoughts :  THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing Diane's personal story with us. It really does help all of us that face this disease to hear other stories. Unfortunately they don't all have the happy ending we want, but that is real life. For you and your family to share this with us is a very special thing. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. ...

Your Name :  marjorie
E-Mail :  cruisemelodee@aol.com
Your Thoughts :  how beautiful was the letter. it touched my heart and made me both cry and smile. i am a 14 yr. breast ca survivor and as of the past year fighting brain tumor ( surgery etc.) how many times i have felt what was expressed, but did not feel right in saying it as everyone else is always in such need of seeing "us" as strong, and being positive and upbeat. sometimes, some of us need to just feel "down" in order to become strong again and go forth.
god bless all of our angels,

Your Name :  PAT
E-Mail :  patwht@hotmail.com



Your Name :  Maggie
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Your Thoughts :  Thank you and your family so very much for sharing with us your love for Diane. It is a hard path to follow after the death of a loved one. I lost both of my Parents to Cancer and 20 years on they are both still very much a part of my life and thoughts. I wish you and your family peace, knowing Diane is in a better place and that one day you will be re-united with her.

Love and Hugs,

Your Name :  deb
E-Mail :  msdebagain@aol.com
Your Thoughts :  what a wonderful website. i have stage 2b invasive ductal carcinoma, just finished with chemo, taxotere and just starting radiation. i only hope that i'm one half as brave.
Your Name :  Jill Enright
E-Mail :  foxfirefoods@msn.com
Your Thoughts :  I also was diagnosed with breast cancer. I only hope that I can continue living with the dignity displayed by Diane. She left a wonderful legacy for her family and friends. Thank you so very much for sharing.
Your Name :  Keri
E-Mail :  http://www.angelfire.com/tx5/asurvivor/bc.html
Your Thoughts :  What a courageous & beautiful tribute to a loved one, it's left me in tears & my heart heavy but I pray it helps to make me stronger. I am recovering from breast cancer, 2y now.

Thank you for sharing Diane with me, it's a honor.
Your Name :  Elaine
E-Mail :  
Your Thoughts :  The tears are still in my eyes . . . I have just finished looking at this loving tribute that was created for Diane.

Thank you for sharing this with my community.

This website will touch many people. Diane will live on with a message that "it is today that matters!"

God bless,
Your Name :  Debbie
E-Mail :  debbiepeake@cs.com
Your Thoughts :  I am deeply touched by Diane's story. Thank you for tenacious efforts to fulfill her dreams and providing valuable messages to all of us who are touched by this disease - lessons we can use today and hopefully throughout our lives.
Your Name :  Charlene
E-Mail :  
Your Thoughts :  Thank you for sharing Diane's story. I am a breast cancer survivor, having just finished treatment. I have been able to deal with this disease because of the wonderful connections I have found on the internet. Diane has made a difference in this world. My sympathy for your loss. You have a beautiful angel!
Your Name :  STACY
Your Name :  Grace
E-Mail :  
Your Thoughts :  My beautiful mother was only 58 years old when she lost her 4 year battle with this horrible disease in November, 2002. I miss her so much! Thank you for sharing your information, she sounded like a wonderful person and I'm so sorry for your loss. God bless! Like your sister, my mother had her dignity and was in control right until the end, I am thankful for that.
Your Name :  Abikee
E-Mail :  bessatane@yahoo.com
Your Thoughts :  My great-aunty died a few weeks ago from cancer that she's had for a very long time. It was hard for my grandpa because that was his sister and he loved her very much. So, that's why in life, you should appreciate the people around you and try to understand their feelings before you start judging them wrong. Take care.
Your Name :  Pamela
E-Mail :  mapjoy@yahoo.com
Your Thoughts :  A wonderful website. My mom this past week of January 2003, past away from Breast Cancer - This website was a comforting way to know my mom is in a better place. This disease is disgusting. It has robbed my mom's life and so many other mothers' too.
Thank you for the encouragement to go on with life Diane!

Your Name :  robin r whitaker
E-Mail :  bird62@rochester.rr.com
Your Thoughts :  i used to tell you how i wished i was more like you. more tolerant, patient, loving, find the good in everyone. you wrote me a letter for my 40th birthday. telling me not to change a bit! i was a special lady, you loved me the way i was. i think of you when i see beautiful sunsets out on the water, when i put angels on my christmas tree, when i look at my beagle (smokey) how you loved him! (take care of my boy when he gets there) i miss our talks and your laugh. but ill be waiting to see you again soon and we can start just where we left off. i love you and feel you're with me always.
p.s. no more tears in heaven!
Your Name :  Maryann
E-Mail :  
Your Thoughts :  Beautiful site, I am currently having radiation treatments for breast cancer. It can be a very scary disease. It is a lovely tribute to Diane.
God Bless you.
Your Name :  Pinie Berman
E-Mail :  pgb757@msn.com
Your Thoughts :  What a beautiful tribute to a very special woman. Thank you Diane.
Your Name :  Maureen
E-Mail :  maureenlane@hotmail.com
Your Thoughts :  I found Diane's webpage so comforting. My mother passed away of breast cancer at the age of 54 (June 13, 2003). My mother's and Diane's dignity and bravery is amazing. What a horrible disease to have to cope with. Thank you Diane for doing this.
Your Name :  carol
E-Mail :  carol_unknown@hotmail.com
Your Thoughts :  What a wonderful tribute to Diane. I just finished chemo. The tears are streaming down my face. Diane thought of others when she was dying. I wish i had known her. I JUST KNOW SHE IS HELPING OTHERS IN HEAVEN. GOD BLESS YOU. 


Your Name :  Jeff
E-Mail :  
Your Thoughts :  I knew Diane from the time she was 15 years old. In all those years the core of her being never changed. She always thought of others and their comfort rather than her own. She gave ultimate definition to the words caring and unselfish. I and those who knew her will continually be enriched by her legacy and embrace the virtues she instilled in us through our association.
Your Name :  teena sadler
E-Mail :  mamat612@bellsouth.net
Your Thoughts :  I am in my 2nd year with breast cancer that is mets to the bone and all nodes. Diane's story has given me courage and hope in facing this journey. I will see Diane in a beautiful place and at a chosen time. God bless your fortitude and courage and grace. Love now and later Teena. Please someone email me on how to do web site. Thank you.
Your Name :  zoelmanuel
E-Mail :  zoelmanuel@hotmail.com
Your Thoughts :  Her story is unbelievable, the courage she had is inspiring and everything about her is so peaceful. I myself had to deal with cancer twice and to read all this, made me wish that I could have know this person.

Your Name :  Alana
E-Mail :  trueloveforever_@hotmail.com
Your Thoughts :  i lost my great grandmother to cancer as well and i cant begin to describe how painful it is. the poem "when tomorrow starts without me" was read at her funeral and it touched me deeply. it is a beautiful poem but i cant seem to find any information on the author. but i just would like to say what a wonderful way u have presented your website.
god bless

Your Name :  desiree nava
E-Mail :  mysisdiane@webtv.net
Your Thoughts :  My sister's name was also Diane. She was born, 8/23/1956. died, 1/12/2003. I am in shock, I don't believe she is gone. She was healthy .. My husband is dying of kidney and liver disease, my sister was moving back to Las Vegas, NV. to live out our lives together. We were close, most say to close. I was born 7/27/1955. We did almost everything together. I don't want to be with out her, when my husband goes, I will lose the rest of my mind. There is no close family members that I know. I don' know how you have made it this far. Please pray for me. "I love ya Di" Desiree [Doris Diane Martin] will never be forgotten I will think of you and your Diane.
Your Name :  Hope
E-Mail :  momrob659@msn.com
Your Thoughts :  I too am fighting for my life everyday, but I am making it with the help of my savior and a loving family. I know someday there will be peace in the valley for me.
Your Name :  Betty Thompson
E-Mail :  cybereye@northcoast.com
Your Thoughts :  My beautiful, courageous daughter, Theresa, died Oct. 6, 2002 after battling breast cancer for 4 years. She leaves behind two wonderful children ages 11 and 8. Theresa would have turned 39 March 4, 2003. She was a wonderful teacher, mother and friend. I miss her more each day. I wish I could hug her one more time. I love you my darling daughter. Love, mom
Your Name :  Loretta
E-Mail :  
Your Thoughts :  Diane sounds like a remarkable woman and I think that it is truly admirable that she was considering others even while she was so ill herself. My sister, Carol died of lung cancer in March this year. She only discovered it was cancer a few weeks before she died so didn't have time to come to terms with the situation or to think about what she was leaving behind. As you said of Diane, "she is at peace now and without pain". I hope that you and your family are able to grieve and move forward with your lives. It's a new chapter and our experiences will change us but maybe make us a little wiser and more aware of how lucky we are to be alive. We will never forget but we must accept and move forward. I sincerely wish you and your family well. Take Care and thank you for the lovely web site, it is truly remarkable.


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